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Media last reviewed: 21/04/2016

Next review due: 21/04/2018

IPS statement 3rd February 2015
From: NHS Choices content team

This week we have published an up-to-date checklist of all prostate cancer resources. This follows the breast cancer checklist that was published in January and means that the two most popular topics have now been updated. More will follow in the coming weeks and months.

If stakeholders or charity partners have questions about the IPS or resources in the site you can now use the email address below to contact us.

Also, if charities or partners upload any new content to the system please let us know using this email address. This way we can keep all IP checklists up-to-date.



IPS update – 18th December 2014
From: NHS Choices Content Team

IPS audit and review

Over the next few months we will be carrying out an audit and review of the IPS content to improve the service we provide. Priorities include simplifying the taxonomy, updating content and reviewing the IP checklists used by health professionals.

No timeframe can be given for the completion of any work at this stage, but we will endeavour to contact our partners to inform them of changes that may affect their content. Please be patient while we carry out this maintenance.



Future of IPS – 17thJanuary 2013
From: NHS Choices Service Delivery
NHS Choices service desk email: servicedesk@nhschoices.nhs.uk

Operational update 

NHS Choices' service desk has changed its email address to servicedesk@nhschoices.nhs.uk .This has no impact to the end user group.

In the interim Cancer research UK and Macmillan have kindly undertaken the management of the chunked data (snippets).

The implementation of WR-1867 allows NHS Choices to map conditions to services so we can potentially enhance user experience by displaying specific Cancer Support services, rather than all, when creating any.  This task has been put on hold due to limited resource. 

In addition…
- Checklist asset’s expiry date will further defer to end of April.
- Stakeholders' workshop was held on 23rd January 2014. Attendees included representative from voluntary sector, patients, carers, NHS England, HSCIC and health care professionals. 
- The lesson learnt session has been produced by Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK.
- Content Manager role application in progress.
- CR-UK/Macmillan have been provided with the updated version of the snippet loader tool.

The Future

NHS England and NHS Choices are looking at phase 2 of Information Prescription. Time is being allocated in NHS Choices' development cycle to:

a) look at testing how selected charity content might be integrated into NHS Choices’search and print function 
b) improve the existing Information Prescription to allow it to integrate with a patient's record and allow personal notes to be held securely (plus other new requirements)
c) technically develop the tool to ensure that functionality can be added and changed more quickly. 


NHS England is also looking at creating a wider governance structure to ensure the tool has a wider focus and all user groups are catered for. Please note there is a long term commitment to sustain and improve the tool.



Future of IPS – 28th  November 2013

From: NHS Choices Service Delivery
NHS Choices service desk email: thechoicesteam@nhschoices.nhs.uk

Operational update

There has been key change to the IPS tool  (WR-1908, details below) recently which will ultimately alleviate workload for Cancer Research UK (CR UK) and Macmillan for uploading snippets (also known as chunked content).  This has been release in ‘R34’ which went live on 28/11/2013.

Details of WR implemented in R34

WR-1867 – Filtration of Local Services

Under the Directory information concertina, it's required for a filtration to be put in place for Cancer Support Services so it pulls out the specific cancer support services rather than all Cancer Support Services. I would like to point out that for this to work successfully there is manual ‘condition mapping to service’ work that needs to be undertaken. This will be taken in house.

WR-1908 – Set ordering of snippets

This change allows snippet loaders to set order of new snippets to reflect current key points on the information pathway. This is a great enhancement to the tool and allows the Health professional to provide a better-quality service.  This requires manual work which CR-UK and Macmillan have agreed to take up.  

In addition…

Can I also bring to your attention an issue we experienced recently with IP Checklists. These had expired, however majority of them have now been reviewed and set to expire on March 2014.

NHS Choices are in the process of submitting an application for a new Content Manager role. This role will be the central contact for the IPS stakeholders and will maintain the relationship and IPS system.

Stakeholder’s workshop will be held on 23rd January 2014. Aim is to engage with the key IPS stakeholders and validate the need for high quality information on various different channels. Attendees would include representative from voluntary sector, patients, carers, NHS England and health care professionals.

No major work will be carried out on the IPS in the short term but we will continue to liaise with stakeholders on content issues and ensure faults are dealt with on the current system. This should be done through NHS Choices' service desk (thechoicesteam@nhschoices.nhs.uk).

Again, thank you for your continued patience.

Future of IPS – 26th July 2013


From: NHS Choices Managing Director, Jonathon Carr-Brown
NHS Choices service desk email: thechoicesteam@nhschoices.nhs.uk

Over the past few months there have been a number of discussions about the future of the Information Prescription Service (IPS). We can now confirm that Luke O'Shea, Head of Patient Participation at NHS England, has been made senior responsible officer for the service. The IPS will become an integral part of the Health and Social Care Digital Service (which is the new name for Integrated Customer Service Platform). It will continue to be developed by the NHS Choices team and in the coming months we will be talking to stakeholders and shaping proposals for an IPS Phase 2. This will build on the engagement and delivery work commissioned by the National Cancer Action Team over the last two years and look to create an inclusive governance structure that draws from all the health charities involved in this project.  

So the IPS will continue. It will remain served by NHS Choices. It will be funded in part through NHS England’s Health and Social Care Digital Service (now being delivered by the Health and Social Care Information Service) and it will be subject of a technical redesign in due course.

No major work will be carried out on the IPS in the short term but we will continue to liaise with stakeholders on content issues and ensure faults are dealt with on the current system. This should be done through NHS Choices' service desk (thechoicesteam@nhschoices.nhs.uk).

Thank you for your patience. We believe IPS will grow to become an important digital service for the NHS and we thank you for your perseverance during the piloting phases.

While we have your attention can we repeat our request for the cover note of the IPS not to be used to record personal information. This is very important. The system is currently not designed to accommodate this type of information. This will be one of the issues we will address in phase 2."



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